Voluntary Contributions FAQ's

If I am a Jamaican migrating to another country can I get a Special Contributions Refund?


Will interest be charged on my voluntary contribution arrears?

Voluntary contributors will not be charged interest on contribution principal arrears, i.e., contributions due since voluntary registration but not yet paid.

What happens if I fall behind with my voluntary contribution payments?

Voluntary contributors are required to continue making contributions even after they have received a loan from the NHT. If their contributions fall into arrears, the sums due will be deducted from the sums tendered as mortgage payments. Voluntary Contributors who are borrowers would have contribution arrears payments deducted from their mortgage payments.

As a voluntary contributor, when do I qualify for a loan?

Voluntary contributors must have made at least 104 weeks (2 years) contributions, of which 52 weeks must be paid in the period immediately before the date of application. For example, if you contributed for five (5) years prior to migrating would, on registering as a voluntary contributor, you must contribute for at least an additional year before being eligible to apply for a loan. This change in requirement came into effect recently. Prior to this, Voluntary contributors were required to have made at least 52 weeks contributions with at least 13 payments made in the 26 week period immediately before the loan application.

In what currency will my voluntary contributions be refunded?

All contribution refunds to voluntary contributors will be made in Jamaican dollars. Refund payments will be made directly to the contributor or if a mortgage exists, to the contributor’s loan account. In addition, mortgages to voluntary contributors will be transacted in Jamaican currency only.

Will my voluntary contributions be refunded?

Voluntary contributors, like all other NHT contributors are due a refund of their contributions in the eighth year after those payments were made.

In what currency should I pay my voluntary contributions?

If you are an overseas contributor, your contribution is quoted in the currency of the country which you are working. Your payment will then be converted to local currency at the prevailing rate set by the Bank of Jamaica on the date the payment is processed.

When are my voluntary contributions due?

You should begin payment immediately upon registration.

Do I have to pay my contributions once I have been assessed even if I am going overseas?

Yes. Contributors who were assessed for periods worked in Jamaica before going overseas are liable for these outstanding amounts inclusive of interest thereon.

As a voluntary contributor, how much of my earnings should I contribute?

As a voluntary contributor you should contribute 3% of your gross earnings if you are employed by someone else, or 3% of your income, net business related expenses if you are self-employed.

Can pensioners contribute to the NHT?

Yes. Pensioners who desire to contribute to the NHT are allowed to register as Voluntary Contributors.

I am married and receiving monies monthly from my husband. Can I register as a self-employed contributor to access a loan?

No. You cannot be assessed as a self-employed contributor based on monies received from your husband/spouse.

How many points do I have?

With the NHT’s change in policy, points are only considered when one applies for a scheme loan. You get 20 points for every 52 weeks of contributions made. Further, you get between 110 and 70 points depending on the income bracket in which you fall.

Will the NHT assist with the deposit?

Yes, if the case is that you paid the 5% minimum deposit, but the vendor requires a larger deposit and the house/lot being purchased is less than the loan that you are eligible for.

What happens to my points if the company I worked with did not make contribution payments to the NHT on my behalf?

If the company is still in existence, verification of contributions can be had from the employer. If the company is no longer in existence and the contributions have not been remitted, those contributions would not contribute towards determining your points.

If I am a mortgagor what happens to my contributions/refund?

As your refund becomes due, it is credited to your mortgage.

Can I stop contributing after I have obtained a loan?

No. Under Jamaican law, all persons between the ages of 18 and 65 years, who earn at least the minimum wage are required to make NHT contributions.

How can I get back a total refund of my contributions?

You can get back your total contributions if you fall in any of the following categories

This is called Special Contributions Refund (According to Section 22 of the NHT Act).

I am self employed but not making contributions, how do I start and when can I get a benefit from NHT?

The first thing you need to do is to register as a Self-Employed person. An assessment will be done by a Compliance Officer who will inform you of the monthly amount you are required to contribute and any back money you might owe, which would need to be cleared up.