I am a Jamaican teacher who migrated to Florida in 2014. I had intentions of purchasing a home in St Ann this year and moving back home in the Summer of 2021 but like everyone else had to alter my plans due to Covid-19.

My wife and I developed the platform www.thestaycayjamaica.com and have provided concierge services to hundreds of visitors to Jamaica over the past year but with the pandemic Tourism has come to a crashing halt and life has to continue. This platform provides car rental, vacation homes, tours, hotels and flights for foreigners and locals.

I have been a voluntary contributor since 2019 but was unaware of the real benefits of the NHT Trust up until a year ago. Since I was into vacation home rentals it dawned on me that I should start working towards owning rental properties for myself. So in March 2019 when I was on vacation in Jamaica I went to Sagicor bank in Mandeville to open a USD account and the banker happened to be my old College room mate. We had a great conversation during which he mentioned the benefits of NHT. I had already thought about it and had some documents with me but was more motivated after our conversation.I was already in Mandeville so I visited the NHT office for further information.

Sitting there at the NHT desk was an old high school friend and he guided me on all the documents needed to become a Voluntary Contributor from overseas. Since I was a previous contributor it would only take me 12 months of paying on time to be qualified for NHT benefits.

He also spoke about the possibility of getting a nht refund and it was my first time hearing about it. I handled my voluntary contributions paperwork the following day and I did my refunds about a week after I got back to Florida. Between last year and early this year I received $1800 usd in refunds and it was of significant help to me and my family. This was savings at NHT that I wasn’t aware of and there are thousands of people in the same position. It’s now 13 months later and I am qualified for a low interest loan of over 6.5 million which puts me closer to owning my Jamaican home.

I took on a mission to tell my friends and peers about it because after doing a survey amongst my peers and Social Media associates, I realized that only about 10 % are aware that NHT is really a savings benefit towards owning a home.

Most people think it’s just another government tax coming from their paychecks. Though the NHT website exists and there is a lot of content on the internet, my friends are still unaware so I decided to write a blog and research a way in which I could get my peers educated.

The survey showed that some of my associates are aware of the NHT benefits, 10 % know that they can receive a refund, none know that they can make a voluntary contribution or do their refund from overseas. I am blessed to be working from home throughout this pandemic and we are all aware that millions of people are struggling, thousands of our fellow Jamaicans, especially up North. I used my time at home to create a platform to raise awareness to hundreds of Jamaicans living overseas who might be qualified for a NHT REFUND but are not aware of it or how to go about getting it.

I developed the platform, Www.nhtrefunds.com which is NOT affiliated with the NATIONAL HOUSING TRUST OF JAMAICA but is an INDEPENDENT website that breaks down the filing process in steps for our diaspora .Users do their filing with NHT directly because the platform only places the NHT LINK which sends users directly to the NHT website.

Our site however educates users on how to get their money in their overseas accounts and it provides discounted shipping arrangements for original documents that they need to send to the remittance service they choose to use for their overseas deposit.

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