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Contribution Refund FAQ's

What year is NHT refunding in 2020?

Contributors are entitled to receive a “Regular” Contributions Refund in the 8th year after the contribution was made. This means if you had contributed to the NHT in 2012 you may now apply for a refund of those contributions and for any contributions made prior to that year, for which you had not received a refund.

Does NHT do credit check?

On August 2,2017, the NHT announced the introduction of the credit report requirement. The NHT says it will use the reports received from contributors to assist in verifying information submitted by individuals applying for mortgages in excess of the regular loan limit of $5.5 million.

Can I buy a house in Jamaica?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Jamaica and the Government of Jamaica welcomes investment from overseas buyers. There are no restrictions on foreign buyers acquiring real estate in Jamaica and foreign buyers enjoy the same rights as Jamaican citizens.

How do I Apply Online?

  1. Click on “Contributions Refunds”.
  2. Complete the application form and send.
  3. Print a copy of the acknowledgement which will be generated for your records.

How do I collect my NHT refund?

Well the NHT currently pays refunds through 5 methods:

  1. An account held in your name, in any bank.
  2. The NCB Prepaid Keycard.
  3. JMMB Money Transfer ($165 fee)
  4. JN Money Transfer Services ($300 fee)
  5. Victoria Mutual Money Transfer Services ($160 fee)

Who is eligible for NHT refund?

Contributions made over seven years are refunded with interest in the eighth year of payment. Thus, Jamaicans, locally and overseas, who have made payments up to 2012, are eligible for a refund this year.

How much does it cost to build a home in Jamaica?

The simple answer is that the cost to build a house in Jamaica is between $70 USD (low end finishes) and $110 USD (high end finishes) per square feet. And note that these prices include both material and labor.

How do you qualify for NHT?

New Contributor

• If you have never contributed to the NHT, your waiting time to access a benefit upon registering with the NHT is 2 years.
• Your monthly contributions must be made on time for the 12 months immediately before the date of your loan application.
• Your payments must be made before the 14th of the following month.

Previous contributor

• Waiting time is 1 year
• You must pay your monthly contributions on time for the 12 months immediately before your loan application.
• Your payments must be made before the 14th of the following month

How do I apply for NHT housing?

The individual can apply using the application form on the NHT’s website. If you are without Internet access, you may apply at any NHT office. Once you fill out and submit the online application form, you will receive a reference number, which you should write down for future purposes.

Who can apply for NHT refund?

The application for the refund can be submitted during any of the 12 months of the 8th year. “Regular” Contribution Refunds are issued to Self-Employed persons, Employees or Voluntary Contributors, but not Employers.

What documents do i need to apply for a refund?

  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • National Insurance Scheme (NIS) number
  • Valid ID (Driver’s Licence, Passport, National ID)
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Name of employer/employers
  • Method of payment

How much is NHT tax in Jamaica?

  • Education Tax2%/ employees, 3% employers
  • NHT– 2% employees/ 3% employer
  • NIS – 2½% employees/ employer 2½  (salary ceiling – $1,000,000).

How does NHT work in Jamaica?

The National Housing Trust (NHT) is to reduce interest rates for all mortgagors effective April 1, 2020. The NHT has also put provisions in place to assist mortgagors in arrears. The measures are expected to assist more Jamaicans in becoming homeowners with comfortable loan repayment arrangements.

How long does it take to get NHT refund?

2-3 weeks

They say that the refunds should be available within 2-3 weeks of applying.

What is national housing trust?

The National Housing Trust is an organization set up by the Government of Jamaica to lend money at low interest rates to contributors who wish to build, buy or repair/improve their houses or who wish to buy or build on lots. … The strategic priorities of the NHT include: More houses for less for our contributors.

Can I pay my NHT mortgage online?

The NHT Online Payment System is a credit card payment facility that will allow legitimate holders of a Visa, MasterCard, or Keycard to make regular mortgage and self-employed contributions payments via NHT’s website.

How to Join National Housing Trust in Jamaica?

  1. You first need to register with the National Housing Trust. …
  2. Afterwards, you’ll need to obtain a Tax Payer Registration Number (TRN) from the Tax Registration Center, if you didn’t already have one. …
  3. You will be required to attend an interview with the NHT.

How do overseas Residents Here’s How You Get Paid?

  1. Choose the option: Pay via Remittance Agency and select JMMB Money Transfer.
  2. Complete the Deposit Authorization Form and send directly to any bank account in Jamaica, USA, UK, and Canada
  3. Ship Original Documents to Jamaica with us via RTA Biz

When did NHT start in Jamaica?


The National Housing Trust was established in 1976 to address the need for a financial institution that could mobilize additional funds for housing and ensure that those funds are available to more Jamaican families at rates below the traditional markets rates.

What is the purpose of Nis in Jamaica?

NIS is a National Insurance Scheme governed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. It is a compulsory contributory funded social security scheme, offering financial protection to employees and their families, in case of loss of earnings through an injury at work, incapacity, retirement or death of the insured.

How do you get a NIS card?

Obtain the NIS Registration Form by visiting:

  1. any NIS Office in Jamaica, or.
  2. the Ministry of Labor and Social Security’s website at and select “National Insurance Scheme” from the menu at the left of the screen. …
  3. Scroll down the page to and click on Registration.
  4. What documents do you need for national insurance number?
  5. You will need to bring all the required documents to your identity When you phone the Department For Work and Pensions (DWP) they will tell you which ones they require from you. Proof of photo identification (ID). This would be a driving license, national identitycard, and passport.

Can I pay my own NIS?

Where can Voluntary Contribution be paid? The Insured person must pay Voluntary Insurance Contributions to the Customer Service Representative at the Board’s Service Centers only. Payments are due monthly or quarterly, but no later than December 31st of the year for which contributions are due.

Can you apply for your refunds if you received your mortgage through the Joint Finance Mortgage Program (JFMP) or the Combined Mortgage Program (CMP)?

Yes, your refund will still be available to you.

Can current NHT mortgagors, who received their loans directly from the Trust file for a refund?

However, current NHT mortgagors, who received their loans directly from the Trust, will have their refund amount automatically credited to their mortgage account.

Can retired employees, invalidity pensioners, expatriates, or foreign nationals (who have worked in Jamaica and are now leaving permanently) file for an NHT Refund?

Retired employees, invalidity pensioners, expatriates, or foreign nationals (who have worked in Jamaica and are now leaving permanently) are eligible to access Special Refund.

When do you apply for your refund?

The application for the refund can be submitted during any of the 12 months of the 8th year.

How long is the contribution held before we can apply for a refund?

A Contributor may apply for a “Regular” Contributions Refund after the contribution has been held for a period of 7 years.

What are the required documents for a special refund?

Persons applying for Special Refund must complete the applications form online and then visit your Branch Office to submit your:

  1. NIS
  2. TRN Card,
  3. Valid ID (passport, driver’s license, or voter’s card)
  4. Verification letter from all your employers indicating the periods worked, the amount paid on your behalf and the company’s reference number.
  5. Your personal contact information (e-mail address, phone number etc.)
  6. Proof of your age(, new form birth certificate, school admission record or a Statutory Declaration Form that could be completed by someone who has known you from early childhood (and signed, stamped and dated by a Justice of the Peace).